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Boombox meets…VÖK

“Vök” is the name of the Icelandic band that is currently smashing it in the dream/elettro-pop scene. They started their career participating in a music contest in 2015 and now they already dropped two albums, “Circle” (2015) and “Tension” (2016). They play both in english and Icelandic, which is absolutely a plus since it positively remarks the freshness and novelty that characterise this band.

“Vök” è il nome della band islandese che attualmente sta spopolando nella scenda dream/elettro-pop. Hanno iniziato la loro carriera partecipando a un talent show musicale nel 2015 e, ad oggi, hanno già pubblicato due album, “Circle” (2015) e “Tension” (2016). Suonano sia in inglese che in islandese, il che è assolutamente un plus dal momento che rimarca positivamente la freschezza e originalità che caratterizzano questa band.

Vök” is something not directly translatable in english. Is it possible to explain its meaning with a periphrasis?

“Vök” is something that happens in Nature. It is generally a small body of water surrounded by Ice. A seals breathing hole in the arctic would for instance be known in Icelandic as a “Vök”

Is there any music genre you feel interest in but you never tried to play it?

We would all have fun playing in a “post psychedelic punk band” but we’ve never tried it since we aren’t really punksters!

Iceland’s contemporary music scene is quite renowned all over the world, especially for post-rock. Would you rather join the “clique” of well-known icelandic bands such as Sigur Rós and Múm or stay out of it?

We’d always want to tread our own way although it would be very flattering to be named among these bands we (most of us anyway) really admire!

Do you prefer making music in english or icelandic?

There really isn’t a preference either way although we are writing more in English atm. we really enjoy writing in Icelandic (its a different kind of challenge)

Are “Tension” and “Circles” in any way connected?

They are in a Big way! Maybe someone will find out how someday!

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