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Boombox meets…Wild Raccoon

In occasione del suo concerto allo Zog di Milano organizzato da Astarte Booking, ieri sera – giovedì 31 marzo – abbiamo scambiato quattro chiacchiere con Wild Raccoon.

At First I’d ask you to introduce yourself to Vox Radio Webzine readers. When and how the Wild Raccoon was born?

I started after a trip to canada 3 years ago, when i came back in france i was kind of broke: broken heart, no job, no house and no money. Perfect kind of looser mix to start a one man band.

From Lille you’re now experiencing a tour around Europe. What are your expectation for this adventure?

I’m touring alone, all the time. It’s maybe the best way to meet people, you have to speak to don’t feel alone. But if you want to be alone, you can! I use to do a lot of hitch-hiking, so that’s not scary for me. Some people find it strange, but i like it.

How Italy has embraced your music? Which was the city where you enjoyed playing the most? Can you tell us a remarkable episode of this Italian tour?

Italian audience may be cold at first, but after a couple of songs and machine di fumo, they get warm and start to dance. You are a kind of really friendly audience, that’s cool! All the venue were fine, each time was cool. I notice that party start very late, but finish at the same time than france, so people get drunk very fast, like a sprint. that’s funny! I remember a place, a small village actually, at the top of the mountain, called Collepino, near to Perugia. The venue is called “la locanda”, and his owner, Flavio, is maybe one of the greatest man i ever met, truly.

Is it your first time in Milan? What do you ask to the public of our city? Which are your feelings for tonight’s live?

Yeah. First time in Italy actually! Never been in Milano. i’m kind of tired now in that shitty burger king to get internet, but i’m sure tonight i’ll switch myself as a real Procione Selvaggio. Hope to see some Raccoonettes there, nudge-nudge, you know what i mean, nudge-nudge.

You call yourself a “self-man band”. Why have you decided to play completely on your own? Which are the difficulties you have to face?

Yes, I play everything alone, not good, but a little bit of all. That’s more easy to make music i guess, you feel very free. If you want to do a gig, you don’t have to ask the availabilities to the rest of the band, you know.

Your songs sound as a mix of garage rock and songwriting psychedelia with some surfer’s vibes. Are there any artists that particularly influenced your music production? Which are your favourite Italian artists and bands?

Influence? Willie Nelson. I use to organize some shows in Lille with some friends, and i’ve seen and met a lot of cool band from Italy, like The Vickers, Magic Cigarettes, Go zilla, Lovespoon…

What are your projects for the future?

I will release the second LP in June this year, everything have to be ready to print and duppli in the mid of april, so after the tour, i’ll be one the rush for that!

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