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 A cura di Eleonora Puglisi

During these bleak mid winter days, when cold and darkness surround us, some warm wind is blowing from the North: Ed Sheeran, the English ginger singersong writer began his 2015 European tour in the Bel Paese, Rome first and then Milan on the very next day.
As I walk into the Mediolanum Forum I clearly feel the vibes all around: both teenagers and adults are smiling and positively waiting to listen and experience  this gifted guitarist who is going to performe live.

Maybe he took a friend’s advice and decided to go back to the guitar solo stage: he alone and his guitar, which he plays majestically, meanwhile asking himself if to give up or to keep on changing instrument. With an amazing passion he gives, once again, all his love to the crowd.
Recognizing that he’s a mess, he does just like Frankie Bowie suggested him during an episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks: ‘sometimes it’s better to explain your story you have to rap about it’
He almost makes everyone forget his kinky omage to Italy – a questionable version of ‘con te partirò’ half way through his performance – by performing a mashup version of ‘you need me I don’t need you’.
In the end, it’s impossible not to think out loud that the result isn’t too bad for a former Jubelee line musician.

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